Jewish Community Relations Councilof San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, Sonoma, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Jewish Diversity, with Ilana Kaufman

Identity and racial justice in the Jewish community

JCRC and Jewish Diversity: Our Jewish traditions and our JCRC mission compel us to seek justice and to stand for the rights of all people without prejudice or bias. JCRC spent 2016 engaged in a reflective effort to study ways for our community to address racial injustice, and the resulting consensus statement has served as our guide since 2017. This “Jewish Diversity” resource advances our commitment, as outlined in that statement, to continuing to educate ourselves and our community about issues of race and justice.

Overview: Jewish Identity and Racial Justice
The Jewish people arguably may be the most diverse people in human history, having spread to every corner of the globe, and as many as 20% of American Jews—representing more than 1 million people—are multicultural.

Collection of Ilana’s Work: Identity and Race in the Jewish Community
This section features a selection of Ilana’s work focused on strategic thought leadership for the understanding of the historical roots and contemporary manifestations of Jewish identity and racial justice work, and their implementation in real-world settings.

Resources and Readings: Jewish diversity and social justice
This section features a curated collection of the organizations, websites, publications and nonprofits which have produced or aggregated resources on Jewish racial, gender and cultural diversity and Jewish social and racial justice actions.